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Training Project

Alumni Association – China Training Project

Since 1997, We have been working in close relationship with many Mainland organizations to train thousands of people for AIDS prevention and control. In order to allow those participants to further exchange their working experience, we set up “Alumni Association- China Training Project” in May 2005, so as to unite forces from all over the world to provide a platform where members can share their work with each other to propel AIDS prevention and control. After tireless efforts for years, the alumni association has attracted more than 2,000 members from different places, some of whom also organized Alumni Association- Provincial Training Projects to enhance relations among workers within the provinces.

Scholarship Fund
The Hong Kong AIDS Foundation also set up “Scholarship Fund” for members to help them partake in the training courses, promote AIDS prevention projects and attend conferences at home and abroad, so that members from different countries could have more opportunities to exchange ideas; furthermore, the quality of all the working staff will also be improved.

Membership and Application
Membership could be given to any domestic trainees who have participated in the training courses organized by Hong Kong AIDS Foundation, share our objective and are willing to work in the Alumni Association for AIDS Prevention and Treatment.

Please send the application form back to the Secretariat of Hong Kong AIDS Foundation after completion. You will receive an e-mail confirmation.

Members’ Zone
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