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China Project

We have learned through years of work in China that, donation alone is insufficient to truly improve the domestic AIDS prevention and control and to help the affected people. Apart from financial support, we believe that the education is a good way to stop the spread of AIDS and eliminate the discrimination against it. Hence, from the spirit of “train-the-trainer”, we have paid efforts to share the knowledge, technology and experience on AIDS prevention and control with mainland staff through training. At present, workers of the Foundation are in almost every province, municipality and autonomous region of China.

Key Work:

  • Programme Planning Training
    The training is held in Hong Kong. Trainees are mainly trained on the principles, operation and development of AIDS prevention and control institutions and relevant organizations in Hong Kong. Thus, the trainees have the opportunity to visit the Department of Health, Methadone Center, hospitals and NGOs engaged in AIDS prevention and control, and have face to face communicate with the fellow worker. In addition, the Foundation will also share the knowledge of resource management, AIDS project plan, the technique of writing the proposal and education on AIDS.
  • Preventative Education and Counseling Skill Training
    The Foundation also cooperates with Mainland institutions in organizing the training courses on AIDS prevention and control education, tutorship (consultation) and nursing courses towards the workers engaged in AIDS prevention and control, as well as the undergraduate students nationwide, aiming to promote more correct information about HIV/AIDS. By now, the Foundation has introduced the tutorship (consultation) technique training into the prevention and control of AIDS.
  • Mainland Internship Programme
    Apart from general training projects, the Foundation initiated the “Mainland Fellow Worker Internship Project” in 2000. It invited the frontline workers in different cities and provinces every year to practice in the Foundation. With the introduction of staffs of the Foundation, the invited workers could experience the working conditions and attitudes of Hong Kong fellow workers, and learn about the project management ideas and strategies in Hong Kong. By this, we hope that the trainees could put what they’ve learned into practice, and make full use of the knowledge and experiences.
  • Life Education
    The education to youth is never forgotten in the Foundation. It holds lectures on “Treasure the Life”, “Maintain the Health” among young people.
  • Technical Advise
    In order to help the mainland institutions to establish a more complete system of AIDS prevention and control, the Foundation was invited to provide relevant technical assistance, management training and supervision, so as to share our experience with mainland fellow workers. By now, we have cooperated with the following institutions:
    National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China
    National Center for AIDS/STD Control and Prevention, China CDC
    Chinese Association of STD/AIDS Prevention and Control
    UNAIDS China Office
    Gansu Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention
    Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Shenyang, Liaoning Province
    Zhuhai AIDS Working Committee
    Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Zhuhai, Guangdong Province
    Zhuhai Education Bureau, Guangdong Province
    Zhuhai Health Bureau, Guangdong Province
    Training Centre AIDS Prevention and Cure of Hubei Province
    Qinghai Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention
    Jiangsu Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention
    Ho lu Kwong Charity Foundation
    The Home of Red Ribbon
    Kunming Office of Family Health International
    Marie Stopes China
    Association of Angel Aid
    Shenyang Firebug Workshop
    Anshan Firebug Workshop
    Big Dipper Social Work Service Center
    Shenyhang He Eye Hospital
    Tianjin Shenlan Public Health Consultation and Service Center
    Xuzhou Sunshine Home
    You Kang Charity Development Centre, Zhuhai
  • Project Support and Small Amount Funding
    Since 1996, the Foundation has provided technical, financial and management supports for some mainland AIDS prevention and control works and projects with an aim to have better achievements.
    Mainland projects of the Foundation:
    - Gansu Provincial AIDS-infected People Care & Assisting Project
    - Shenyang “Half Way Home” Project
    - Anshan Milk and Bread Project
    - Hubei AIDS Clinical Instruction and Training Center AIDS-infected People Psychological Guidance Project
    - Tianjin Shenlan Public Health Consultation and Service Center “Home” Project
    - Xuzhou Sunshine Home “AIDS-infected People and Patient Caring Project”
    - You Kang Charity Development Centre “Needed AIDS-infected People Assisting Project”
    In addition, the Foundation provided small-amount funding for Liaoning Catholic Social Service Center and Jilin Tianji Social Service Center, and also helped to construct the Inpatient Building for Gansu Qingshui County Health Center.
  • Middle Level Management Training
    The Foundation organized the “Middle Level Management Training for AIDS Institutions” in 2008, mainly discussing the concepts of institution management, group development and resource management with the hope to complete the middle-level management for institutions, so as to effectively promote the work of AIDS prevention and control.
  • HIV/AIDS Preventive Promotion and Advocacy Campaigns with Central Party School
    Since 2005, the Foundation has provided technical and financial supports for AIDS knowledge promotion and policy trainings, and signed a cooperation memorandum with the Central Party School in 2009, organizing AIDS knowledge publishing, prevention and control policy training, teacher and educational leader trainings in the party schools at all levels.
  • Fundraising
    Knowing that many Mainland service institutions are short of fund, the Foundation not only cooperate with Mainland institutions to improve the service quality of AIDS prevention and control in China, but also organized different charitable fund-raising activities for many times together with Hong Kong Committee of China AIDS Initiative, in order to raise fund for national AIDS prevention and control. The Foundation would also like to raise public awareness of issues related to the current HIV/AIDS situation in China through these large activities.