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With Hong Kong still in need of support for work on prevention of HIV and AIDS, what prompted the Foundation to start the China project?

To help maintain Hong Kong’s low HIV prevalence and eradicate discrimination against those affected by HIV and AIDS, education has a very important role to play. Since its establishment in 1991, the Foundation has been implementing service and education projects for different groups. To ensure effective prevention of HIV and AIDS, collaboration with others in various places is vital. As a result, we have been taking part in many regional and international meetings and working groups, with a view to strengthening Hong Kong’s exchange and collaboration with others at the international level. For the same reason and to show our care for the motherland, we, banking on our experience and established international network, started our work to help mainland colleagues set up a more effective system and get a better understanding of HIV, conducive to their doing a good job related to provision of service and education.