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How is HIV spread and how can it be prevented?

1. Sexual contact
The virus can be transmitted through body fluids like blood, semen and vaginal secretion. One might have gotten infected when having unprotected intercourse including vaginal sex, oral sex and anal sex with someone who has HIV.

Preventive Measure: Practise Safer Sex

i) Maintain stable and monogamous relationship
Be in a long-term mutually monogamous relationship and limit your number of sex partners.

ii) Understand your sex partner
Understand the sex history of your partner and be alert when you are going to have sex with others. If you have doubt, you surely have the right to refuse any sexual contact.

iii) Use condom correctly and consistently
Proper and consistent use of condom can effectively reduce the chance of getting HIV infection.

Proper use of condom:
1. Always check expiration date before use;
2. Open the package carefully to avoid damaging the condom;
3. Use the thumb and forefinger to gently press any air out of the receptacle tip before putting on the condom;
4. Unroll the condom to cover the entire shaft of the penis;
5. Hold on the base of the condom after ejaculation and withdraw the swollen penis together with the condom from your partner’s sex organ; and
6. Wrap the used condom in paper and throw it away in a waste container.

Remarks: Use each condom once only; and never put on more than one condom at a time as rubbing will break the condoms.