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What will happen after HIV infection?

There are a few stages that one may go through before the development of AIDS.

The earliest stage is right after you are infected and about 50% of the infected will have flu-like symptoms like headache, fever, fatigue, during this time. However, symptoms do not always develop and some people can be symptom-free.

Window period
The next stage is when the body responds to the virus. Even if one does not feel any difference, his/her body is trying to fight the virus by producing HIV antibody against it within 2 weeks to three months. This is called “window period”, when the infected go from being HIV negative to HIV positive.

If someone has done the HIV Antibody Test during the window period, the result will not be accurate as the amount of HIV antibody is not sufficient enough to be detected. For most infected persons, the amount of antibody will usually be sufficient for the Test after a period of 3 months.

Asymptomatic incubation period
Without treatment, about half of infected will be developed into AIDS in about ten years.

AIDS is the last stage of HIV infection when a person’s immune system is severely damaged, making the infected vulnerable to attack by virus and bacteria.

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