China Project

Training on HIV and AIDS
From our years of work, we understand that to ensure effective prevention of AIDS and give help to the affected, donation of money alone is far from satisfactory. Apart from financial assistance, we believe that education is the key to curb the spread of AIDS and eradicate discrimination. Through training and with the emphasis on "train the trainer", the Foundation has been sharing with mainland colleagues knowledge, skill and experience. Over the years, colleagues of the Foundation have left their footprints in many mainland provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.

Course on programme planning
Conducted in Hong Kong, courses on programme planning aim to give participants an understanding of the mission, running and work of AIDS or AIDS-related organisations in Hong Kong. Therefore, participants will be arranged to visit some organisations such as the Department of Health, Methadone clinics, hospitals and AIDS-related NGOs, providing them an opportunity to have an exchange with colleagues in Hong Kong. At the same time, topics touched upon by these courses include resources management, programme planning, writing of proposal and AIDS education.

Course on AIDS education and counselling skill
In conjunction with different mainland organisations, the Foundation will also organise courses on preventive education, counselling and care and support. In addition to those working on HIV and AIDS, participants may include university students, giving them a chance to learn more of HIV and AIDS.

Internship programme
The Foundation started in the year 2000 to organise the annual two-week internship programme for frontline of AIDS work from different provinces and municipalities. Through working with staff of the Foundation on various projects, participants can experience the work of Hong Kong colleagues and their attitude and understand the rational behind and the modus operandi of the projects. We hope that the participants, after going home, will be able to put into practice what they have learned in Hong Kong.

The Giving of Technical Advice
Upon the invitation of mainland colleagues, the Foundation had the opportunity to provide their organisations with technical assistance and management training, sharing its experience and for the purpose of helping them build up a more effective working system for prevention of HIV/AIDS. Up to now, the Foundation has collaboration with the following organisations:
  • Beijing Home of Red Ribbon
  • Centres for Disease Control and Prevention of Gansu Province
  • Centres for Disease Control and Prevention of Shenyang, Liaoning Province
  • Centres for Disease Control and Prevention of Zhuhai, Guangdong Province
  • Education Bureau of Zhuhai, Guangdong Province
  • Health Bureau of Zhuhai, Guangdong Province
  • HIV/AIDS Working Committee of Zhuhai, Guangdong Province
  • Catholic Social Service Centre of Liaoning Diocese
  • Training Centre of AIDS Prevention and Cure of Hubei Province
  • Catholic Social Service Centre of Chifeng Diocese
  • Shenyang Firebug Workshop

Support for Projects and Microfinance Programmes
Since 1996, the Foundation has been offering technical, financial and management support to some mainland projects on HIV prevention with a view to helping the organisations concerned do a better job.

The programmes supported by the Foundation include:

  • Care and support programme for PLHIV in Gansu
  • Programme for helping poor families in Chifeng
  • "Half-way home" programme in Shenyang
  • Small loan programme for Yunnan Eelgrass Workshop
  • HIV/AIDS psychological counselling programme in Hubei with the Training Centre of AIDS Prevention and Cure of Hubei Province
Moreover, the Foundation provides microfinance for the Catholic Social Service Centre of Liaoning and Jilin Dioceses. In 2010, the heath clinic in Qingshui County, Gansu Province, was rebuilt with funding support from the Hong Kong Committee for China AIDS Initiative (CAI).

Management Training for Middle Managers of AIDS Service Organisations
The Foundation started in 2008 to provide management training for middle managers of AIDS service organisations. With the focus put on management of organisations, team building and resource management, this kind of training aims to build up a cohort of effective middle managers, conducive to effective implementation of work on HIV prevention.

Working With the Central Party School to Promote Advocacy of Publicity and Policy on HIV/AIDS
Since 2005, the Foundation has been working with the Central Party School to promote advocacy of publicity and policy on HIV/AIDS. After the signing of an agreement on cooperation with the Central Party School in 2009, the Foundation implemented HIV education and training on HIV policies in various party schools.

The Foundation knows very well that many mainland organisations are short of funding. As a result, the Foundation, apart from helping them lift the quality of their work on prevention of HIV and AIDS, has been working with the Hong Kong Committee for China AIDS Initiative (CAI) to launch fundraising events in Hong Kong for the purposes of financing work on HIV and AIDS on the mainland and raising public awareness of the situation of HIV and AIDS in the mainland.