Alumni Association-China Training Project

Since 1997, the Foundation, in conjunction with mainland organisations, has provided training for thousands of colleagues. To enhance further exchange between participants of its training courses, the Foundation helped them set up in the year 2005 the "Alumni Association-China Training Project", providing a platform for alumni to work together and share their experience. Over the years, the Alumni Association has succeeded in recruiting from different places around 700 members and some members have even formed themselves into local groups to help move the work of their respective province forward.

Scholarship Fund
The Foundation has set up a "Scholarship Fund" to support suitable members of the Alumni Association to attend training, implement projects and attend local and international conferences on AIDS, offering opportunities for members to share with counterparts from other places and build up their capacity for work on HIV and AIDS.

"Alumni Association – China Training Project" - Membership and application
All colleagues who have participated in training of the Foundation and share the mission and work of the Foundation are welcome to join the Alumni Association. Application forms are available from the Foundation’s web-site and completed application forms can be sent to the Secretariat of the Foundation. E-mails, confirming applications, will be sent to applicants.

Corner for messages from members
To communicate with others, members can visit the web-site and go to the corner for messages where more updated information on the Alumni Association is available.