Question 1.
With Hong Kong still in need of support for work on prevention of HIV and AIDS, what prompted the Foundation to start the China project?
To help maintain Hong Kong’s low HIV prevalence and eradicate discrimination against those affected by HIV and AIDS, education has a very important role to play. Since its establishment in 1991, the Foundation has been implementing service and education projects for different groups. To ensure effective prevention of HIV and AIDS, collaboration with others in various places is vital. As a result, we have been taking part in many regional and international meetings and working groups, with a view to strengthening Hong Kong’s exchange and collaboration with others at the international level. For the same reason and to show our care for the motherland, we, banking on our experience and established international network, started our work to help mainland colleagues set up a more effective system and get a better understanding of HIV, conducive to their doing a good job related to provision of service and education.

Question 2.
Does the China Project help the prevention of HIV and AIDS in Hong Kong?
To address the problem of AIDS which is a global one, it requires our working together. The past decade has seen an increase in the volume of traffic between the mainland and Hong Kong. Failing to do an effective job on prevention of HIV and AIDS by the mainland or Hong Kong will have ramifying implications for the two places. To curb the spread of HIV and AIDS, both the mainland and Hong Kong not only need to have in place effective preventive measures, they also need to work together.

Question 3.
If I am interested in the China Project, what can I do to support the China project?
If you are interested in giving financial support to the China project, you can make a donation to the following bank accounts of the Foundation:
The Hong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd.: 047-223532-001
Hang Seng Bank Ltd.: 289-159345-001
PPS: Merchant Code 9266
If colleagues in the mainland are interested in our training work, they can contact us to discuss or for details. Of course, we welcome participants of our training courses to join the "Alumni Association-China Training Project" and have an exchange with other members.

Question 4.
What are the future plans of the Foundation?
Apart from the provision of training and technical assistance for mainland colleagues, the Foundation set up a collaborating centre in Beijing on 28 November, 2007 so as to strengthen our exchange and collaboration with organisations in the mainland. Also, we have planned to implement a pioneer programme to help set some small-scale projects into motion before they are able to secure funding from other sources. Moreover, we will continue our work with members of the Alumni Association, holding regular meetings to offer a platform for members from different provinces to share their experience, learn from each other and grow together.